Thursday 8 March 2012

Spring flowers

It's time for my contribution to Tando's March challenge where the theme this month is SPRING! We'd like to see an actual spring or two in your work.

I immediately thought of spring flowers (I'm always one for a pun if there's one to be had!). My flowers are mounted on springs from a big selection box I keep with my crafty supplies on the basis they might come in useful. I then added extra springiness by coiling green craft wire to make some foliage for my arrangement.

The "vase" for my flowers is actually one of the shapes from the hot air balloon set. I added a small cog (this really is just one cog, I split the thickness in two as I didn't need it to be as substantial as Tando chippie always is) and painted with silver acrylic paint. Before the paint was fully dry, I pressed scrunched up kitchen foil over it to texture it. A bit of watered down black acrylic paint gave it the final touch.

The piece has a little stand at the base that's made with epoxy repair putty - super-useful stuff! You can usually find it in the pound shop too so it won't break the bank. I used it to attach the springs to the piece as well as it's strong and easy to press objects into when they're a tricky shape and/or potentially have a small contact area if you're trying to glue them down.

Hot Air Balloon grab bag and Cogs grab bag (Tando Creative)
Paper flowers
Green craft wire
Silver and black acrylic paints
Screw head brads
Spellbinder snowflake dies
Epoxy repair putty

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget there's a fab prize up for grabs in a random draw at the end of the month if you fancy putting a spring in your step and joining the challenge - details here.


Paula Whittaker said...

very witty and well put together...fab!

Elaine said...

Love your bright flowers and those green springs. I found a spring the other day (a metal puzzle out of a cracker) so maybe I'll have a go!!

tracy said...

very nice joanne :)

Kath said...

Lovely 'spring' flowers, Joanne. So bright and eye catching.

Kathy said...

it's lovely Joanne. The springs look great - I love adding a bit of movement to projects using springs, as you know!

Karen said...

This is sooo pretty!!! I love that the flowers will bob about now & then and using the balloon shape is inspirational my lovely xxx

Eloise said...

I love your flowers, they are so adorable. The springs just make it so festive.

Traceyr said...

What a beautiful vase of never ending blooms with no need to water.


Anonymous said...

An upside down balloon for a vase is your typically-genius idea I will use again and again, since I've never found a vase I've fancied.

And the Springs..........oh if only I had one cell of your creativity!



Unknown said...

Hmm - spring - and I thought you meant Spring!

I love your take on it - it makes you feel so happy when you look at it. Lovely happy yellow and lime - are a great combination - hot summer days.


Christine said...

What a fun project! Thanks for the tip about the epoxy repair putty - I'll have to remember that one.

And thank you for your nice comment about my art doll on my blog!

Emilie said...

This is sooooo cool!!!! And I love the pun ;)