Monday, 23 April 2007

Second time felt

Felt two blog posts running, huh? And this is second time for another reason, too.

Thanks to the Daring Cardmaker's current dare (see last post) I found Betz White's lovely blog. Betz does fabulous things with old sweaters and she's provided a great tutorial for making a felt flower. So it's second time around for a couple of sweaters I happend to have felted up for another project I haven't got round to doing yet - I used a little of them to have a go myself:

It's not as lush as Betz's but it's not bad for a first try, I don't think! I think I might stitch a central vein down the leaves if I get chance later on though.

Check out the rest of Betz's site if you get the chance - just how cute are those felt cupcakes?!


Kathy said...

hey that is sooo cute, what a fab flower.

Can you post the address of Betz' blog? I'd like to take a look

Kathy said...

oooops - just found the link!

Sarah said...

What a lovely flower! Just found your blog and I have to say I love your cards too.

Keryn Campbell said...

Your flower is lovely. I'm just off to check out the tutorial on Betz blog. Thanks for sharing.

manicstamper said...

That looks fab.......I wouldn't have the patience though.

I have tagged you
Please visit my blog to find out what I want to know.
Thanks very much

Rhi said...

Oh thats just so pretty! All my felting happens by accident in this house!

Wife2TJ said...

What an absolutely adorable felt flower!

Jo said...

Thank you for sharing this, your flower looks fab!

jo xx