Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Art Attack!

I finally surrendered to the onslaught of the blogs but that's not the reason for the Art Attack title for my first ever entry.

Rhi over at Daring Cardmakers set a challenge this week to make a card inspired by a piece of art. Great challenge Rhi, thanks!

I toyed with a few ideas and finally settled on inspiration from Antony Gormley (sculptor of the Angel of the North, my screen-namesake). I saw Domain Field at the Baltic a few years ago and loved it. I visited three times and what I loved about each visit was the difference the light made to the exhibition. So I wanted to play a bit with that idea.

Here's a glimpse of Gormley's work (photo from the Baltic website):

Almost 300 volunteers posed for him - a full body plaster cast made a mould for each figure and then a team of welders 'filled in' with square section steel bars. Visitors to the exhibition could wander around within the space.

I took the basic construction method as inspiration, using matchsticks coloured with silver acrylic paint since my welding's not up to much! I found the exhibition provoked a really strong emotional response so I've used a strong emotional word for the card:

I've made a stand at the RHS of the card so that there's no back to it and you can see straight through (so you're looking at my wall there, not a stripe on the card!). If the light is strong enough, it throws a shadow image onto the surface behind, too.

Thanks for the dare - I had fun with this one!



Gillian Hamilton said...

OH WOW!!!!... I am completely AMAZED at this piece Angelnorth.. your interpretation is Thilling to see!..

Congratulations on your blog, I look forward to calling often :o)
And I so adore your banner.

BondGirl said...

WOW WOW and more WOW, what a great interpretation of the piece, and I bet it is even more stunning in real life!

congratulations on the leap into blogdom

Tracey said...

Wow, love this interpretation! Stunning work - hope to see much more (you put me to shame). Welcome to Blogdom too.

Tracey x

Montysmum said...

Well done on your Blog!

And you art is truly inspiring - I love your interpretation of the orginal piece, I imagine that the shadow created by your piece is just as effective as the actual object.

Rhi said...

Oh wowee wowee wow! I love Anthony Gormley's little clay figures, they really affected me when I saw them in a gallery. I love the piece you've chosen and I bet its even better in real life. Your card is just AMAZING! Such a fantastic interpretation.


Welcome to blogland :)

Rhi x

Lynne.x said...
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Lynne.x said...

Welcome to Blog-dom Joanne.

This is a fab card - an amazing take on the dare, well done.


Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Hey Joanne - I love what you did with the dare, fantastic!

Welcome to Blogging - I hope you enjoy!!

manicstamper said...

Fabulous card and what amazing inspiration you had........I love The Angel of the North and those figures are stunning.

Frog said...

Love the card Joanne well done.

Andrea xx